Join us as we change the future of Africa and the world,

one student at a time.



Who we are

Founded in 1997, ASE is a scholarship ministry with a unique approach. By funding educational opportunities in Africa, we have served over 800 men and women with university degrees and beyond in all fields of study. More than giving money, we develop lasting relationships and lifelong partnerships with leaders in Africa.


Student Stories

Our alumni have unique, exciting life stories to share with our supporters. ASE not only provides financial support. Every student develops a relationship with us through our partners in their home country, constantly letting us know their progress and impact on their communities. Watch some of those stories here:


Pray, Give, Go

Get involved with ASE. Pray with us for the ministry and for Africa. If you want to pray for and sponsor a specific students, contact us. Share our website. Connect with us on social media. Ask us about ways to donate. Supporters are invited to come with us on one of our vision trips to Africa to see the unique impact our work makes.