Fall (Roughly mid-September through early November): Applications for New Church Partnerships Accepted; Partnerships are reviewed on a first come-first serve basis. Current partners may recommend new students for scholarship.

One of our main focuses is working with the church.  If you are just learning about us from the internet, you need to connect with someone in your country (alumni, partnering church, school, etc.) to learn more.  We do not accept partnerships from those who only know us via our website - we travel to Africa annually to meet with current and potential partners and work with alumni in key countries to keep our ties to churches strong.  During certain years we may only focus on key countries due to the high volume of requests received.

First Week of January: Scholarship Applications are emailed to approved church partners for recommended students.

March 31: Applications due in office (via email or post)

Late April/Early May: Scholarship Committee Selection Meeting

May: Students are notified of scholarship decision via email; selected students are sent additional paperwork to accept scholarship.

July 1: Acceptance paperwork due in office (via email or post).  Students who do not return the acceptance paperwork by the July 1 deadline will forfeit their scholarship.

Early August: Funds transferred to institution


When can I apply?

We accept scholarship applications only once each year - usually January-end of March. Scholarships are only for those who have been approved by a church partnershipWe do not post scholarship applications online.

What is a church partnership?

ASE recognizes that we can help those in other cultures most effectively and lovingly by forming a partnership. This partnership serves as relationship between a church or nonprofit that identifies students in need of further educational training and ASE. The church agrees to mentor the student and provide some financial support during the student's education.  If the student is selected for an ASE scholarship, then ASE will provide additional financial support. Applying for a church partnership does not ensure it will be accepted.

What can I study?

ASE scholarships are available for a variety of programs of study.  We have students and alumni in the fields of education, social work, medicine, nursing, business, theology, community development and agriculture.  ASE scholarships are for post-secondary education.  We will consider applications from certificate & vocational training programs, and bachelors', masters', M.D. and PhD programs.

Where can I study?

ASE supports students in vocational training and universities across Africa.  Students are allowed to study internationally within the African continent, but may not study on other continents.  We are particularly interested in investing in students who attend African-led universities. 

What does your scholarship cover? How much is your scholarship?

ASE scholarships are partial scholarships and cover partial tuition only.  Students and their partnering churches are responsible for living expenses (food, housing, medical), travel fees, school books and needed school supplies (including use of computer or computer lab).  The amount of scholarship awarded to an individual student depends on the school attending and financial resources of the student.  ASE scholarships are transferred directly to the student's educational institution.

Is your scholarship renewable?

ASE scholarships are renewable for the time of the degree program provided the student communicates with ASE at least once each term, communicates regularly with their partnering church and provides their grades to both ASE and the partnering church and the end of each semester.  If a student fails to communicate with ASE for 4 consecutive months and/or fails to turn in their grade report then the scholarship will be forfeited.

What are your eligibility requirements?

ASE scholarship applicants must have an acceptance letter from the university where they wish to study.  Students must be up-to-date on any fees/tuition owed.  ASE does not pay "back fees" to a school for any reason.  Church partners must also see a strong need for the student to further their training.  Applications must be completed in English; we recognize that English is a 2nd or 3rd language for many of our applicants and we are gracious in our reading.  Further eligibility requirements are described in detail in the application.

I applied, but I wasn't selected.  Why?

Every year ASE has more scholarship applicants that we have funds to award.  It is always a difficult process to decide who receives our awards.  We prayerfully consider all complete applications turned in by the deadline.  Students are welcome to apply again the following year if they are not selected.